LG Posé 55” 4K OLED 55LX1QPSA Objet Collection


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  • All Around-Design, Rounded Edge
  • Calming Beige Textile
  • Versatile Back

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All-Around Design

From any angle,
in any space

With a design that looks stunning from every angle, you can enjoy Posé front to back, left to right as it seamlessly blends into your decor.1Posé in three interior spaces. The first is seen in the corner of a navy painted wall with a black and red artwork on-screen, while a desk and navy armchair are in the room behind it. The second is seen in the center of a modern, charcoal painted wall underneath a deer mount with an image of waves on-screen. The third is seen from behind in the center of the room and used as an artful statement piece in front of the bed.

Posé as envisioned by Moooi at

Milan Design Week 2022

Posé seen as part of Moooi’s Divine Dreams Collection with an image of a modern interior on-screen, and surrounded by decor displaying butterflies and flowers peeking through clouds. Posé seen from the front as part of Moooi’s Defy Gravity Collection with a tiger artwork on-screen, and on top of a carpet imitating layers of stone. Posé seen from the back as part of Moooi’s Defy Gravity Collection with space-themed books held in its Cable & Accessory Organizer. Mooi envisioned by LG OLED logo.

Rounded Edge

The beauty’s in the edges

Round around the edges, Posé’s soft, smooth lines create a quiet, neutral look extending to the remote for a delicate design suitable for any interior.

Close-ups of Posé from the back at an angle, and from the side. Partial view of Magic Remote in Beige.

Calming Beige Textile

A soft touch for a serene view

Framing Posé in a muted, calming beige, the cozy fabric finish is soft to the look and to the touch, harmonizing and adding a stylish charm perfect for your space.Close-up of Posé from the front focusing on the fabric, with wood flooring in the background. Close-up of fabric on Media Shelf and LG Objet logo, with an armchair in the background.

Versatile Back

Another way to reflect your style

Posé goes beyond a TV to become a part of your style and your space. The beautiful back view looks stunning from different angles, and you can personalize the media shelf to show off your favorite books, magazines, and postcards.234Posé in a blue-themed living room along the coast, seen from behind with magazines placed on the media shelf.

Cable & Accessory Organizer

Keeps your space
neat and tidy

When you look behind your TV, what you won’t see is a mess of accessories and cables. The Cable & Accessory Organizer keeps everything tidy, concealed behind the Clean Cover for an uninterrupted view.56 And with two detachable cable holders, you can hide the wires along Posé’s legs, finishing off your neat interior.Keeps your space<br>neat and tidy

Art Gallery

Your space, your taste

Create an interior that’s uniquely you. When you’re not watching Posé it transforms into a frame, allowing you to decorate with a wide range of artful pieces to choose from. Simply select one to complete your space.

⍺9 Gen5 AI Processor 4K

The brains behind your TV

Using a deep-learning algorithm, this tiny yet mighty processor reduces noise, restores content, and optimizes picture and sound for a cinematic TV experience.

Posé screen shows the bright, clear details of white mushrooms as they extend past the TV’s frame.LG ⍺9 Gen5 AI Processor 4K chip seen with bars of light emitting from it.


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