Toshiba PLK-45SFIM 4.5L Digital Thermo Pot


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  • 4.5 Liters
  • Self Cleaning Program
  • Triple Safety Design
  • Water Empty Sensor
  • Chlorine Odour Reducing function
  • Microprocessor keeps temperature at 98/85/60 degress Celcius

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4.5L Digital Electric Pot
These electric pots help you multi-task effortlessly, and save you valuable time-ideal for homeworks and ladies on the go!
  • Light Sensor
  • No Scalding
    Light Sensor Technology

    A unique and intelligent Light Sensor (PLK-45 SEIM) automically senses the lighting conditioin around it and adjusts its temperature according after the time has been pre-set – saving yoiu energy.

    Light Sensor Technology

    No Scalding

    A smart triple safety design prevents accidents scalding for peace of mind, always.No Scalding

Weight 4.4 kg
Dimensions 32.6 × 24.4 × 30.3 cm


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