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Enjoying your experience with Khin Guan Membership program and get extra discount and rewards. Welcome to our new Membership Programme where you will be rewarded with a rewards points, PWP, free gifts, double points or early product launching.

Khin Guan VIP Membership Rewards

Khin Guan Membership Program

Every purchase earns point: RM1.00 earns 1 point. Simple, right?

Khin Guan Membership Program

Easy redemption process: Redeem RM10.00 with every 1,250 points, no ceiling!

Khin Guan Membership Program

Exclusive member activities: Members are entitled to PWP, free gifts, double points or early product launching, every month is different and exciting.

Khin Guan VIP Membership
Terms & Conditions

Khin Guan VIP Membership Terms and Conditions

Khin Guan VIP Membership programme is available to all Khin Guan’s customers in Malaysia.

Successful membership will automatically be entitled to enjoy Member’s benefits under Khin Guan VIP Membership programme. By signing up for Khin Guan VIP membership programme, Member acknowledge and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.



  1. This membership Agreement is between applicant for this membership and Khin Guan Corporation Sdn Bhd. and not transferrable to 3rd party.
  2. In applying for Khin Guan VIP Membership, applicant agrees to be subjected by these Terms and Conditions and any modification by Khin Guan without prior notice. Khin Guan may revoke Member’s membership at any time for Member’s failure to abide by the Terms & Conditions.
  3. Members can utilise the physical membership card issued or just access their details with IC number or Registered Phone Number.
  4. Fraud, improper use and any misconduct involving the acquisition or the use Khin Guan VIP points may result to immediate cancellation, suspension or termination of Member’s Khin Guan VIP Membership.
  5. Khin Guan reserves the rights to amend any part of the Terms & Conditions, membership benefits, and policies at any time without prior notice. Members are responsible for reviewing the Terms & Condition published by Khin Guan from time-to-time.
  6. Khin Guan VIP Membership does not guarantee all marketing materials will be received by its members.
  7. Khin Guan VIP Points are not related and grant access to any other Khin Guan programme unless stated otherwise.


  1. Khin Guan VIP Membership is open to individuals age 18 and above with a Malaysian registered phone number.
  2. Applicants may apply for Khin Guan VIP Membership at any Khin Guan Outlets in Malaysia with applicant’s MyKad (NRIC) or Passport and other required information.
  3. Khin Guan will not be held responsible for any false or inaccurate information provided by applicant. Applicant is required to ensure all information is accurate and up to date. Failure to do so may result to suspension or termination of membership.
  4. Khin Guan reserves the right to revise any part of the policy to its membership programme.


C.) Khin Guan VIP Membership Points

  1. Earning Points

a.)    Every RM 1 spent in a single receipt of product(s) is equivalent to 1 point.

b.)    Members are required to provide membership information such as phone number / identification number for every purchase in order to collect points. Khin Guan will not be held responsible for any unearned points due to member’s failure to present membership information.

c.)    Khin Guan VIP Points are earned upon every successful transaction after full payment and the goods has been delivered. Points will be automatically deducted for any cancellation or refunded purchase.

d.)    Khin Guan VIP Points can only be redeemed on your next purchase at any Khin Guan outlets.


  1. Point Redemption

a.)    Every 1,250 points is equivalent to RM 10.00

b.)    Points can be redeemed as a form of payment for any purchases at any Khin Guan outlets.

c.)    Any purchases utilising Khin Guan VIP Points redemption will not be entitled to earn Khin Guan VIP Points.

d.)    Members are required to present member’s phone number and full name for verification purposes. Name of the I/C and name on the invoice must be identical in order to secure membership Khin Guan VIP Points.  

e.)    Khin Guan VIP Points can be redeemed as a form of payment. However, Khin Guan VIP Points CANNOT be exchanged for cash and strictly be used throughout valid redemption period.

f.)     Khin Guan may, in its sole discretion, adjust point value or amend relevant provisions relating to Khin Guan VIP Points redemption without member’s prior consent.

g.)    Khin Guan shall not be held responsible for any expiration and unclaimed points by member. 

h.) Points collected will expire and be automatically deleted from the system after 3 years from the date of entry.  Expired points cannot be revived.


D.) Privacy & Personal Data Protection

  1. Khin Guan may use, collect and share your personal information to be used as reference to Khin Guan.

  2. Khin Guan may use your personal details and necessary information for the purpose of marketing, order processing, delivery, and any other reasonable means as deemed required by Khin Guan.

  3. Members are responsible to ensure all information provided to Khin Guanare accurate and updated.   Any changes to member’s personal information must be promptly notified to Khin Guan for modification.
  4. In the event that any third-party personal information is disclosed or used by member, the member is responsible for obtaining consent from the third-party to release their personal information to be processed by Khin Guan. By submitting information on behalf of a third-party, members are solely responsible for any discrepancy arising from the information provided to Khin Guan.
  5. By registering to Khin Guan VIP Points programme, you agree and consent to receive marketing materials and any advertisement content from Khin Guan.
  6. Member’s can choose to leave the programme at any time. Member’s are required to inform Khin Guan to cancel membership account. Accumulated points will be erased once membership’s account is cancel.

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